How to Complete the Pennsylvania Surrogacy Process from Out of State

Increasingly, unmarried individuals, same-sex couples, and those struggling with infertility are turning to surrogacy to build their families. But while this can be a wonderful way to welcome a new child into a family, these parents sometimes face legal challenges when their state does not recognize or allow surrogacy arrangements.

As one of the most surrogacy-friendly states in the Northeast, Pennsylvania attracts intended parents from across the country who are eager and excited to add to their families. The Law Offices of Denise M. Bierly welcomes clients from out of state and can provide all of the services you need to successfully complete the surrogacy process under Pennsylvania law.

There are many advantages of completing your surrogacy in Pennsylvania:

– Pennsylvania allows compensated surrogacy arrangements, so your surrogate can be fairly compensated for her time, efforts, energy and sacrifice

– Surrogacy contracts are valid and enforceable in Pennsylvania, reducing legal risk to intended parents and their children

– Pre-birth orders are granted in most Pennsylvania surrogacy cases, even if the intended parents used donor eggs or sperm in the surrogacy process

– Because of Pennsylvania’s surrogacy-friendly laws, there are more surrogacy opportunities available here, making intended parents more likely to find the perfect surrogate to meet their needs

Here, learn more about our interstate surrogacy services for intended parents in nearby New York, New Jersey, and beyond.

Surrogacy Laws in New York and New Jersey

Many hopeful parents contact The Law Offices of Denise M. Bierly from nearby New Jersey and New York, where compensated gestational surrogacy contracts are not legally enforceable.

Surrogacy laws in New York have declared commercial surrogacy contracts void, unenforceable and contrary to public policy, and those in violation can face fines or penalties. In New Jersey, compensated surrogacy arrangements are unenforceable, and courts of a history of being unfavorable to surrogacy.

Fortunately, intended parents from these states may still be able to pursue surrogacy when matched with a surrogate from a surrogacy-friendly state. Many intended parents in New York City, Newark, and elsewhere in these states choose to work with a Pennsylvania surrogate; the close proximity allows them to meet their surrogate in person and remain involved throughout her pregnancy.

Whether you reside in New York, New Jersey, or another non-surrogacy friendly state, The Law Offices of Denise M. Bierly can provide the legal services you need to find a gestational surrogate in Pennsylvania and facilitate your interstate surrogacy arrangement.

Interstate Surrogacy Services

In many ways, the surrogacy process is no different for out-of-state intended parents than for those living in Pennsylvania. However, it can take some special coordination to manage the legal surrogacy process when the intended parents and surrogate live in two different states.

If you live in a state where surrogacy contracts are not recognized or enforced, it is important to work closely with an experienced attorney in a state where surrogacy is permitted. The Law Offices of Denise M. Bierly can provide all of the legal services and support you need to ensure all aspects of the surrogacy process are handled safely and legally in Pennsylvania.

To learn more about surrogacy in Pennsylvania and our interstate surrogacy services, please contact The Law Offices of Denise M. Bierly to schedule a consultation.

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