Why Complete Your International Surrogacy in Pennsylvania?

Today, more and more hopeful parents around the world are choosing to build their families through gestational surrogacy. However, this option is not always available to intended parents in certain countries where surrogacy contracts are banned or restricted.

Fortunately, many families are able to find the surrogacy services they need in the United States, where we have a safe, fair surrogacy process for all parties: the intended parents, the gestational surrogate, and most importantly, the child.

In many ways, the surrogacy process is the same for international intended parents as it is for families within the United States. However, there are also some special considerations for families pursuing international surrogacy in the U.S. The Law Offices of Denise M. Bierly can provide all of the services necessary to meet your unique needs, including:

– translation services, if English is not your first language.

– assistance with travel arrangements and guidance through the U.S. passport process.

– contact mediation services so you can get to know and maintain a relationship with your surrogate, even if you are continents apart.

– and more.

Entering into a surrogacy contract from abroad can be overwhelming — but the burden to research and fully understand U.S. surrogacy laws should not fall solely on your shoulders. With The Law Offices of Denise M. Bierly, you can feel confident that every aspect of the surrogacy process is being handled safely and legally, and that you and your child will be protected through each step of the way. Here, learn more about our international surrogacy services.

International Surrogacy in Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania is one of the most surrogacy-friendly states for international families. Here, surrogates can be fairly compensated for their time and efforts, and surrogacy services are available to any and all types of families, including same-sex parents. All of our surrogates are thoroughly screened and work with top fertility clinics to receive excellent prenatal care, and a clear legal contract is established prior to the medical surrogacy process to ensure each party’s rights, roles and responsibilities are clearly outlined.

The Law Offices of Denise M. Bierly takes the same personal, hands-on approach to every surrogacy case, including those involving international clients. We work with clients from around the world, including Europe, Australia and Israel, to complete the surrogacy process from start to finish. In addition to the special services offered to our international intended parents, our surrogacy services include:

– advertising, screening and matching services to help you find an appropriate surrogate to meet your family-building needs.

– preparing a detailed legal contract to protect you and your baby throughout the surrogacy process.

– coordinating with a top fertility clinic to schedule the surrogate’s medical procedures.

– obtaining separate, independent legal counsel for your gestational surrogate.

– coordinating with the hospital at birth to ensure your baby’s birth certificate and insurance are being handled properly.

– providing the general case management and oversight you need to ensure the entire surrogacy process is being handled safely and legally.

– and more.

If you are ready to begin the international surrogacy process, or if you would like to learn more about our surrogacy services for international intended parents, please contact The Law Offices of Denise M. Bierly for free, international surrogacy information.

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