All The Resources You Need to Complete a Surrogacy in PA

If you are considering surrogacy in Pennsylvania, you’ve come to the right professionals. Whether you are intended parents looking to complete a surrogacy in Pennsylvania or you are interested in becoming a surrogate in Pennsylvania, the surrogacy professionals at The Law Offices of Denise M. Bierly can help you learn more about the process and help you get started whenever you are ready.

Before you get started, there are some important things to know about surrogacies in Pennsylvania and what you can expect from the process moving forward. We’ve detailed some of the basic surrogacy information to know in this article, and we encourage you to contact our offices for more information about what a Pennsylvania surrogacy might look like for you.

What is Surrogacy in PA Like?

Surrogacy across the United States is regulated by state laws, so surrogacy in Pennsylvania will often be different than the process in other states. In Pennsylvania, there are no published statutes regarding surrogacy, but certain appellate case law makes surrogacy in Pennsylvania a safe and efficient way of creating a family.

In addition to positive Pennsylvania surrogacy case law, our state also has a streamlined pre-birth order process to make establishing and protecting intended parents’ rights possible from the beginning of the surrogacy pregnancy.

In many ways, the surrogacy process in Pennsylvania follows the basic surrogacy process in many states throughout the country. After medical and psychological screening, intended parents and a surrogate match with each other. From there, they create a surrogacy contract detailing their goals and expectations during their surrogacy journey, and the medical process of surrogacy begins. At the end of the surrogacy (usually about a year or more after starting), intended parents have a healthy baby and a surrogate has helped create a family where there may not have been one before.

Surrogacy in Pennsylvania is likely an option for you. The first step to beginning this process is to contact a surrogacy professional like The Law Offices of Denise M. Bierly.

Why You Need a Surrogacy Attorney in PA

Because there are no established surrogacy statutes in Pennsylvania, any surrogacy completed in this state must be done under the guidance of an experienced surrogacy attorney. There is an established process to legally complete a surrogacy in Pennsylvania in a safe, efficient manner, and only a surrogacy lawyer can make sure all the proper steps are met to protect both intended parents and surrogate.

A surrogacy lawyer in Pennsylvania is needed to:

  • Follow necessary legal steps for a safe, legal surrogacy
  • Draft a surrogacy contract to protect intended parents’ and surrogates’ rights
  • Establish intended parents’ parental rights to their child

Fortunately, our surrogacy program at The Law Offices of Denise M. Bierly has an experienced surrogacy attorney on staff who will guide you through every legal step of the Pennsylvania surrogacy process. We can serve as your Pennsylvania surrogacy lawyer even if you are still considering surrogacy, for we are always ready to provide the information you need to get started with this family-building process. Learn more about our legal services today by calling 814-237-7900.

Do I Need a Surrogacy Agency in PA?

The surrogacy program at The Law Offices of Denise M. Bierly in Pennsylvania offers services that you may not find with other surrogacy attorneys in Pennsylvania. Rather than just providing legal services, we can assist you through other parts of the surrogacy process as well.

As you begin to pursue a surrogacy in Pennsylvania, our surrogacy experts will explain the process to you and make sure you meet the necessary requirements to get started. We will also help you find a surrogate or intended parent to match with, coordinate with the fertility clinic during the medical process and facilitate contact between you and your intended parent or surrogate. In many ways, we provide the same services as any surrogacy agency in Pennsylvania. Therefore, when you work with our program, you may not need additional services provided by surrogacy agencies.

Many of our intended parents and surrogates find that our surrogacy program offers every service they need. We encourage you to contact our firm to learn more about exactly which services we offer and whether a surrogacy agency in Pennsylvania is necessary in your situation. We will provide referrals to other professionals for any additional services not provided by our program and your fertility clinic, if necessary.

Surrogacy Clinics in PA to Consider

In addition to the services that our surrogacy program provides, intended parents and surrogates in Pennsylvania will also need the services of a surrogacy clinic. These professionals will typically complete all medical steps of the surrogacy process, including medical screening and the embryo transfer process.

Which surrogacy clinic in Pennsylvania you use will likely depend on where the intended parents completed previous infertility treatments, if they have undergone any. In many cases, surrogates will use the intended parents’ fertility clinic to complete the medical steps of the surrogacy process.

If a surrogacy clinic has not already been selected by intended parents, our surrogacy specialists can always provide references to professionals we typically work with, like:

We can always discuss your surrogacy goals and expectations to help you find the right surrogacy clinic for you, and we will always help coordinate communication and information between your surrogacy clinic and our own program.

There can be many different professionals involved in a surrogacy in Pennsylvania, but our surrogacy program and specialists will help make the process as safe and efficient as possible for you, whether you’re an intended parent or prospective surrogate. If you have questions or want more information about surrogacy in Pennsylvania, please call our surrogacy professionals at 814-237-7900.

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