How Much Does It Cost to Be a Surrogate Mother in Pennsylvania?

It’s no secret — surrogacy can be expensive. But, if you are considering becoming a gestational carrier in Pennsylvania, you will not need to worry about this aspect. While your intended parents will be required to pay certain fees and expenses when they embark on the surrogacy process, you will not. In fact, you will receive surrogate base compensation to ensure there is no undue financial burden on you and your family during this selfless process.

Still, there are a few other types of costs of being a surrogate mother, and it’s important that you understand all about this topic before deciding that this path is the right one for you. Surrogacy is a great commitment, requiring you to sacrifice your time, energy and body to help another person. It is crucial that you are aware of every aspect before starting.

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How Much Does Being a Surrogate Cost in PA?

When a woman becomes a gestational carrier, she gives up a great deal to help her intended parents — her time, her energy and her body. Surrogacy professionals understand the immense sacrifice a woman makes in choosing this path. Therefore, they take certain steps to ensure she is not making a financial sacrifice, as well.

Surrogacy in Pennsylvania will always be free to you as a prospective gestational carrier. All of your costs — medical screening, embryo transfer, pregnancy and maternity — will always be covered by your intended parents and your surrogacy professionals. You do not have to pay to be a surrogate mother in Pennsylvania.

After you are matched with intended parents, your surrogacy attorney and their surrogacy attorney will negotiate a legal contract that details the upcoming expenses of your surrogacy journey. The contract will state what will and will not be covered during your surrogacy and exactly how those costs will be paid for. When you work with the professionals at The Law Offices of Denise M. Bierly, our surrogacy attorney will make sure that your rights are protected and every necessary financial aspect is accounted for in your contract.

In this way, your surrogacy professional will ensure that you will not be responsible for any surrogate mother expenses you incur in the journey to come.

Standard Fees for Being a Surrogate: Your Surrogate Compensation

Sometimes, when women ask, “How much is it to be a surrogate in Pennsylvania?” they’re not asking about how much surrogacy will cost them — but instead how much they will be paid as a gestational carrier.

If you become a surrogate in Pennsylvania, you will have the right to receive surrogate compensation. This is an agreed-upon compensation that will paid in monthly installments after your pregnancy is confirmed. Surrogate compensation is intended to make up for some of the emotional and physical tolls a woman experiences as a gestational carrier (more on that below).

How much you will receive as a gestational surrogate in Pennsylvania will depend upon your personal situation, but the standard fees for being a surrogate pay out at about $25,000 to $30,000. Many surrogates and their families use this compensation to help achieve financial goals such as paying off student loans or as a down payment on a house.

The negotiation of your surrogate base compensation will be handled by your surrogacy attorney at The Law Offices of Denise M. Bierly. They will work with your intended parents’ attorney to establish a compensation amount that both parties are comfortable with.

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Keep in Mind: The Emotional and Physical Cost of Surrogate Motherhood

If you are considering becoming a gestational carrier in Pennsylvania, you should think about more than just the financial cost of being a surrogate. Before deciding that surrogacy is right for you, you should also consider the physical and emotional costs of pursuing this journey.

Many surrogates will agree that this path is an extremely rewarding one — but it doesn’t come without its sacrifices. When you become pregnant with someone else’s child, you will have a responsibility to keep that baby and yourself safe. You will need to take time out of your everyday routine to have a healthy pregnancy, attend necessary appointments, communicate with the intended parents and more. For many women, this means a gestational pregnancy is actually more demanding than if they were carrying a child of their own.

Before becoming a surrogate, think hard about the sacrifices you will need to make. You (and your family) will need to adjust your everyday schedule. You may not be able to tackle the responsibilities you usually have as a mother and wage-earner. You may be required to take time off work for appointments, delivery and postpartum recovery. You may need to postpone planned family vacations if your surrogacy journey takes longer than you expect. Your spouse and you will need to refrain from sexual intercourse while you are preparing for the embryo transfer. And, of course, your sacrifices will also include the physical toll that fertility medication and pregnancy will have on your body.

All of these physical and emotional costs of being a surrogate will be brought up by your mental health professional as you undergo pre-surrogacy screening. You, your spouse and the mental health professional will discuss these in detail to determine whether surrogacy is the right path for your family. If you are aware of all of these potential costs of being a surrogate and understand what will be required of you, you will be one step closer to finally becoming a gestational carrier in Pennsylvania.

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