How The Law Offices of Denise M. Bierly Minimizes Risks of Being a Surrogate

Before any woman commits to be a surrogate in Pennsylvania, she needs to thoroughly understand every aspect of the surrogacy journey — including the potential risks of being a surrogate mother.

First and foremost, know that working with an experienced surrogacy professional like The Law Offices of Denise M. Bierly is the most important step for reducing potential risks to surrogate mothers throughout the surrogacy process. Our surrogacy professionals are knowledgeable about all of the possible risks for surrogates, which means we take careful steps to protect every woman that works with our program.

However, because surrogacy is such a complicated process, there are always certain inherent risks of being a surrogate mother, and all prospective surrogates should understand these before committing to being a surrogate. Our surrogacy professionals can explain in detail which risks to expect and what protections we have in place if you call 814-237-7900.

Every surrogacy process is different based on the surrogate’s circumstances but, in general, here are some of the possible risks to surrogate mothers when completing a surrogacy in Pennsylvania:

Medical Issues with Surrogacy

Surrogacy involves many complicated medical processes, from pre-transfer medications to the embryo transfer to the delivery. All of these processes come with their own risks that prospective surrogates should be aware of.

As part of every prospective surrogate’s medical screening, a medical professional will examine her personal history and explain any medical complications she may be at risk for. The screening will also ensure that she is physically fit enough to undergo the various medical steps of surrogacy, including carrying a child for intended parents. Medical professionals will monitor the health of the surrogate and the baby throughout the pregnancy to address any potential complications that may emerge.

Different medical risks to surrogate mothers are present at each stage of the medical process:

  • Fertility Drugs and Pre-Transfer Preparations: Fertility drugs may cause side effects like mild bruising at the injection site, as well as some pain from the shots. Some surrogate may experience a temporary allergic reaction from their fertility medications.
  • Embryo Transfer: The embryo transfer process is a fairly simple procedure, but it can cause mild cramping and light bleeding after the embryo is implanted. Some transfers may result in rare infections that need to be treated with antibiotics.
  • Pregnancy: Like all pregnancies, surrogate pregnancies come with certain potential risks to surrogate mothers and potential medical complications. These risks can be increased if a surrogate is carrying multiple babies. Some medical risks of pregnancy include gestational diabetes, hypertension and more serious complications like preeclampsia. However, most surrogates only experience mild side effects like nausea, bloating and fatigue.
  • Delivery: Some surrogates need to deliver through a cesarean section due to risks with their pregnancy, while others deliver naturally. Each process comes with its own potential complications, including some that may prevent surrogates from having any more children of their own. Your medical professional will make you aware of these risks of being a surrogate mother, and your surrogacy contract will address any extra compensation if complications do arise.

Emotional Issues with Surrogacy

As much as surrogacy comes with medical risks, there are also some emotional risks that prospective surrogates should be aware of. While a surrogate understands that she won’t be taking a child home at the end of her pregnancy, the process of surrogacy and pregnancy can cause emotions she may not anticipate.

Some emotional risks of being a surrogate mother come from the fluctuations in hormones and the potential for depression during and after a pregnancy. Pregnancy does take a great deal of energy and effort, and it’s normal for surrogates to feel fatigued under the stress of frequent appointments, screening requirements, blood checks and ultrasounds.

Every prospective surrogate should enter into the surrogacy process with a solid support system of friends and family members, especially when the surrogacy is likely to affect others, as well. Because surrogacy will require so much of your time, your personal relationships may be affected. You may not have as much time for your family as you usually do, and your spouse may need to take on extra responsibilities. This can cause stress in any family and is a main reason why it’s important to have the support of your spouse before starting your surrogacy journey.

Surrogates are overjoyed once they can give their intended parents the baby they’ve been waiting for, but other aspects of the process can cause unexpected emotional distress. Surrogacy professionals like The Law Offices of Denise M. Bierly require surrogates to undergo psychological screening to ensure they understand the potential emotional risks to surrogate mothers and how they can address any emotional complications moving forward. All surrogates will also have access to trained therapists during the surrogacy process to work through any emotional difficulties they may be having.

We encourage all surrogates to be honest about how they’re feeling with their surrogacy specialist and their support system of family and friends to overcome potential emotional risks and complications. Your surrogacy professionals at The Law Offices of Denise M. Bierly will help you find the support you need during this process.

By working with The Law Offices of Denise M. Bierly, you will receive professional guidance and support every step of the way, including certain protections against the risks of being a surrogate mother. Our legal experts will address all of the potential surrogate mother side effects in your legal contract, ensuring you receive the proper legal protection and compensation for any potential complications.

To learn more about the advantages that our surrogacy program offers or to start your surrogacy journey today, please contact our surrogacy professionals.

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