Your Resources for Surrogacy in Philadelphia

If you are considering surrogacy in Philadelphia, you probably have a lot of questions. One of the most pressing may be: Where do I start?

Fortunately, there are many local Philadelphia surrogacy resources available to you. Surrogacy can be a complicated process, and every prospective gestational carrier and intended parent will need to work with certain professionals to ensure their journey is completed safely, legally and ethically. One of the first steps, therefore, is selecting the Philadelphia surrogacy professionals with which you wish to work.

Below, you’ll find a list of local professionals to consider. But, when you’re getting started, look no further than the law firm of The Law Offices of Denise M. Bierly.

Let The Law Offices of Denise M. Bierly Be Your Philadelphia Surrogacy Attorney

Whether you are looking to be an intended parent or be a surrogate in Philadelphia, you will need a local surrogacy attorney for your journey. Your attorney will ensure that your surrogacy process meets all the applicable Pennsylvania surrogacy laws and that every necessary legal step is followed from start to finish. The professionals at The Law Offices of Denise M. Bierly can do all this and more.

Our surrogacy attorney are dedicated to providing the information and legal advice you need for your surrogacy in Philadelphia, whether you are still researching this process or are ready to start your journey. We will be there to help you draft your legal surrogacy contract, establish the intended parents’ right to their child, negotiate surrogate compensation in Philadelphia, and so much more.

For more information about how The Law Offices of Denise M. Bierly can guide you through your surrogacy in Philadelphia, please call 814-237-7900.

Do You Need a Philadelphia Surrogacy Agency?

Often, those who wonder how to become an intended parent or how to become a surrogate mother in Philadelphia consider working with a surrogacy agency. These professionals can provide guidance through every step of the surrogacy process, from pre-screening to finding a perfect surrogacy match to coordinating with other surrogacy professionals.

The good news? You can find those same services when you work with The Law Offices of Denise M. Bierly.

Our law firm provides more services than the average Philadelphia surrogacy law firm. Our professionals’ dedication to serving you goes beyond just legalities; we can serve as your “one-stop shop” for your surrogacy needs in Pennsylvania. This means we will:

  • Explain the surrogacy process to you in detail
  • Ensure you meet the necessary requirements to be an intended parent or be a surrogate in Philadelphia
  • Help you find an intended parent or prospective surrogate
  • Provide references to other surrogacy professionals and coordinate with them during the process
  • Facilitate communication between you and your surrogacy partner
  • And more

At The Law Offices of Denise M. Bierly, we work with clients who complete independent surrogacies (that is, they work only with our surrogacy attorney and a fertility clinic) and clients who complete agency-assisted surrogacies. If you are interested in finding a Philadelphia surrogacy agency in addition to our law firm’s surrogacy program, we are happy to provide references to other services that you require in your Philadelphia surrogacy journey.

Philadelphia Surrogacy Clinics

Whether you choose to work with a surrogacy agency or not, you will always need to work with a surrogacy clinic for your Philadelphia surrogacy process. A surrogacy clinic serves the important role of providing medical services to intended parents and their surrogate, including:

  • Medical screening
  • Medical preparation for the gestational carrier
  • Embryo transfer
  • And confirmation of pregnancy

In many surrogacy cases, the intended parents already have an existing relationship with a fertility clinic due to previous fertility treatments. Whether or not this clinic is located in Pennsylvania, the intended parents can often use this clinic for their surrogacy journey, too. They will simply need to cover their gestational carrier’s travel costs for all necessary appointments.

If an intended parent has not yet selected a surrogacy or fertility clinic for his or her surrogacy in Philadelphia, there are a few local professionals The Law Offices of Denise M. Bierly can recommend:

As part of our services, our professionals can always discuss your preferences for additional professionals and help you find the program that is right for your surrogacy goals. As we will with your surrogacy clinic, we will always coordinate with any other professionals you choose to use during this process.

Surrogacy in Philadelphia and anywhere else in Pennsylvania can be confusing, but starting the journey with the right professionals by your side can make all of the difference. Before you decide on your personal surrogacy path, we encourage you to reach out to our surrogacy professionals at 814-237-7900 or online to learn more about your options and the services available to you. Whether you are an intended parent or prospective gestational carrier, The Law Offices of Denise M. Bierly is here to help.

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