Adoption vs. Abortion in PA: Which is Right for You?

Many of the Pennsylvania women who find themselves facing unplanned pregnancies already know one thing for sure: They are not ready to become a parent or for the responsibilities that come with raising a child to age 18.

Therefore, many women are left with a big decision: adoption vs. abortion. Both of these unplanned pregnancy options come with their own pros and cons, and the decision of which to choose will be ultimately up to the expectant mother. But, because both abortion and adoption are life-changing decisions, it is important that a woman research thoroughly before deciding which path is right for her.

If you’re asking, “Why choose adoption over abortion?” (or vice versa), this article is a good place to start. Below, you’ll find crucial information about both of these paths to help you make the best choice for your life. Choosing adoption over abortion or choosing abortion over adoption in Pennsylvania is a highly personal decision, but know there are plenty of local resources to support you along the way.

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What to Know About Abortion in Pennsylvania

Many women facing unplanned pregnancies ask, “Should I have an abortion or give up for adoption?” For many people, abortion can seem like the quickest and easiest solution for an unplanned pregnancy in Pennsylvania. In certain ways, it can be; an abortion prevents a woman from having to carry a pregnancy to term (which can  impact her career, health and everyday life) and allows her to move forward from her unplanned pregnancy after a short waiting period and fairly risk-free medical procedure.

However, there are a few restrictions on abortion for Pennsylvania women. A woman can only terminate her pregnancy until she is 24 weeks along, and she must wait 24 hours after receiving counseling before obtaining the procedure. Abortion can cost hundreds to thousands of dollars, and the procedure comes with some side effects and risks. Any underage woman considering abortion must receive consent from her parents before moving forward.

Ultimately, those who continue with choosing abortion over adoption in Pennsylvania often have the financial means to obtain this procedure and are comfortable with the potential feelings of grief and loss they may experience after it is complete.

Before you decide on abortion or adoption in your circumstance, it’s a good idea to reach out to a local pregnancy counseling program (such as Planned Parenthood) for objective, helpful information on all of your unplanned pregnancy options.

What to Know About Adoption in Pennsylvania

Placing a baby for adoption is not a thought that many women initially have when they discover their unplanned pregnancy. But, as they explore all of their unplanned pregnancy options, they may ask, “Should I give my baby up for adoption instead of choosing abortion?”

The answer to this question will always be up to the expectant mother. While there are many reasons for choosing adoption instead of abortion in Pennsylvania, they will not apply to every woman’s situation. Adoption is not “better” than abortion; both options present different opportunities to a woman and can benefit her in different ways. You should never feel guilty about choosing one path or another — you must always do what is best for you.

If you are considering adoption instead of abortion in Pennsylvania, there are a few important things to know:

  • Placing a child for adoption is always your choice. If you’re thinking about putting a child up for adoption instead of abortion, you may be surprised at the amount of control you have over your own adoption journey. You will have the right to make every decision along the way, and your personal adoption plan will be based upon your own preferences — no one else’s.
  • Adoption is free to you, and you may receive financial assistance. One of a woman’s common reasons for adoption instead of abortion is the financial aspect. Unlike abortion, adoption is completely free. An adoption professional will work closely with an expectant mother to ensure she receives the support she needs for a healthy pregnancy and delivery. Depending on your situation, you may also be eligible for financial support, too.
  • You can choose the adoptive family for your child. You will have the right to decide what kind of family you wish to adopt your child, choosing such characteristics as location, gender, marital status, race, age and more. You will be able to look at profiles of families who match your preferences and choose the one that you think is best for your baby.
  • You can decide what kind of post-placement relationship you want. At the same time, you can decide whether you wish to have a relationship with your child and his or her adoptive parents after the adoption is complete. You can choose to receive pictures and letters over the years, or you can even share emails, texts, phone calls and in-person visits. The decision is always up to you.
  • You are never obligated to place your child for adoption. Unlike abortion, you can change your mind about the adoption process at any time during your journey — even after you have already given birth to your child. You retain your right to make the best decision for your child until you sign your adoption consent after at least 72 hours after your baby’s birth.
  • Adoption can give your child a life that you cannot provide him or her. Perhaps the biggest reason why women choose adoption rather than abortion in Pennsylvania is to give their child a chance at life. Even if an expectant mother is not ready to be a parent, when she chooses adoption, she gives her child the opportunity of a life with parents who are better prepared to raise a child. Women who are uncomfortable with the potential “what ifs” of choosing abortion often decide on adoption to watch their child grow up happy and healthy with his or her adoptive family.

Adoption vs. abortion is a complicated issue, and choosing one or the other for your unplanned pregnancy can be a difficult choice. Detailed information and unplanned pregnancy counseling can help.

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