You Are Not Giving Up by Choosing Adoption

Putting a baby up for adoption is one of the most loving, selfless decisions a mother can make for her child. But it is also one of the most difficult.

We understand that managing an unplanned pregnancy and making an adoption decision may feel scary and overwhelming to you — but you are not alone. The staff at The Law Offices of Denise M. Bierly will be there for you through every step of the adoption process.

If you are pregnant and thinking about adoption, we can provide all of the guidance and services you need to put your baby up for adoption in Pennsylvania, including:

– providing the information you need to explore your unplanned pregnancy options and make informed adoption decisions.

– explaining the adoption process and your rights.

– meeting with you to get to know you, your adoption goals, and the characteristics you are looking for in an adoptive family.

– helping you review adoptive family profiles and select the perfect adoptive parents for your baby.

– coordinating contact with the adoptive family and their agency or attorney.

– assisting you in creating a hospital plan and communicating with the hospital about your wishes.

– arranging for you to receive professional counseling and support services.

– advising you about the consent and revocation process in Pennsylvania.

– guiding you through the legal paperwork process after your baby is born.

– and more.

The most important part of every adoption process is ensuring you are truly making the best decision possible for yourself and your baby. Contacting The Law Offices of Denise M. Bierly never obligates you to move forward with the adoption process; we are simply here to provide the information and support you need as a woman considering adoption.

The Truth About “Giving Your Baby Up” for Adoption

Today’s adoptions are very different form adoptions of the past.

Until the 1980s, a woman facing an unplanned pregnancy usually had very little control in the adoption process. She would often keep her pregnancy hidden, even leaving town to have her baby in secret. In many cases, the doctor or another professional would then choose an adoptive family for her baby without her input, and she would say goodbye to her child without seeing or hearing from them again.

This process was often referred to as “giving a baby up for adoption,” and it meant limited access to emotional support, very few choices in the adoption process, and unanswered questions about the child’s life after the adoption.

Fortunately, these days are over — and the phrase “give a baby up for adoption” is becoming a thing of the past. Today, placing a baby for adoption is a choice; this is your baby, your decision, and your adoption process. Here’s what you need to know about modern-day adoptions:

– You are not giving up. Some women view “giving up” a baby for adoption as giving up on themselves or their child — but this isn’t the case at all. In fact, adoption is a loving, proactive decision that allows you to take control of your life and your baby’s future.

– You are in control. This is your adoption plan, which means you will have the final say in nearly every aspect of the adoption process.

– You select the adoptive parents. As a prospective birth mother, you can decide what you are looking for in an adoptive family and choose the perfect parents for your baby. You will also have the opportunity to get to know them before placement, so you can decide whether they can truly provide the life you want for your child.

– You can keep in touch with your child. With open or semi-open adoption, placement is not the end of your relationship with your baby; it is just the beginning.

– You are never obligated to continue. You have the right to change your mind and discontinue the adoption process at any point during your pregnancy. Your adoption decision does not become final until you have legally consented to the adoption and your 30-day revocation period has passed.

– You are entitled to emotional support. This is an emotional process, and you are entitled to free, professional counseling services. The Law Offices of Denise M. Bierly will arrange for you to receive these services from a licensed social worker to help you process difficult feelings and ensure you are fully comfortable with your adoption plan.

How to Put a Child Up for Adoption in Pennsylvania

As your adoption professional, The Law Offices of Denise M. Bierly will be here to provide the services and guidance you need through each of the steps for placing a baby for adoption. Here’s how to put your child up for adoption in Pennsylvania:  

– Decide that adoption is right for you. It is important to explore all of your unplanned pregnancy options before choosing adoption for your baby. You can reach out to The Law Offices of Denise M. Bierly at any time to learn more about adoption in Pennsylvania and get the information you need to determine whether this is the right choice for you. No matter how far along you are in your pregnancy or how certain you are of your adoption decision, we can provide the services and support you need as you make your decision, for free and with no obligation.

– Create an adoption plan. If you decide to move forward with the adoption process, The Law Offices of Denise M. Bierly will meet with you to learn more about you, your adoption goals, the types of adoptive families you are interested in for your baby, and more. This information will help guide us through the remainder of the adoption process.

– Find an adoptive family. Based on the information you give The Law Offices of Denise M. Bierly, we will begin searching for adoptive families who meet your preferences. You will have the opportunity to review adoptive family profiles and select the perfect parents for your baby.

– Get to know the adoptive parents. When you find an adoptive family that you think may be a good fit for you, you can get to know them through phone calls, emails, and even in-person visits. The Law Offices of Denise M. Bierly can coordinate this contact for you and provide the services you need as you get to know each other.

– Plan your hospital stay. When it is time for your baby to be born, you will have an opportunity to create a hospital plan, which determines the details of your labor and delivery experience. The Law Offices of Denise M. Bierly will prepare a letter for the hospital outlining this plan to ensure your hospital experience goes as smoothly as possible. At least 72 hours after your baby is born, you can legally consent to the adoption, and your attorney will be there to guide you through the document-signing process.

– Maintain a relationship with your child. In most modern-day adoptions, the process doesn’t end with placement. You will have the opportunity to stay in touch with your child and the adoptive family through open or semi-open adoption. The Law Offices of Denise M. Bierly can help you create a legally enforceable Post Adoption Contact Agreement, which may include the exchange of pictures and letters, phone calls, emails and even in-person visits, so you will always be an important part of your child’s life.

Putting a baby up for adoption is an emotional process that involves a number of important decisions. At The Law Offices of Denise M. Bierly, our goal is to educate you and provide the emotional and legal services you need to make the decisions that are best for you and your child.

If you are pregnant and looking into adoption, or if you would simply like to discuss your options in more detail, please contact The Law Offices of Denise M. Bierly for free and with no obligation.

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